Extended View evolved around the idea to create a low-cost solution to create panoramic media. The main goal was to create a simple and accessible system, which provides everyone with the possibility to experiment with that wider angle of vision and to explore the challenges and chances that lie in this format. Furthermore Extended View Toolkit serves as a multi-plattform solution for projection-mapping with scene-based control and automation features.
Extended View Toolkit is based on the open source dataflow programming environment PUREDATA and its GEM extension. It is a set of abstractions for combining multiple video or image sources into a panoramic image and for projection setups with mutliple projectors or projection environments with challenging geometric forms.
Multiple input media (e.g. camera input, video files, image files, 3D renderings) can be processed. It is possible to create imagery or video by either stitching multiple inputs to one continuous, or by unwrapping a 360-degree image taken with a special optical lens system. Such processed media input can then be projected onto even irregular shaped surfaces. It is possible to blend smoothly between multiple projectors, to create seamless immersive media environments.


Coming up:
Workshops and completely new version of extended view toolkit.
We are in Rotterdam at WORM / moddr right now, working heavily on the new version of the toolkit and also preparing 2 workshops which will be held on September 1st and 2nd
LINKS to the workshops: http://www.worm.org/home/view/event/1873

We are working on a new Installation...opening will be 4th of May
a little teaser:
EVT will be presented at Zurich University of the Arts on 1st of November.
We will be doing a workshop on how to work with the toolkit.

We are working on further improvments and addons to the toolkit to make it more easy to setup shows and to control EVT remotely. Stay tuned.